Going Green: Cool Waters

Labor Day 2015 - SunnEvents in partnership with Tropicalfete promoted loving Mother Earth & water conservation through our mas costume theme - Going Green: Cool Waters.

Cool Waters is designed by our Creative Director of Special Projects, M. Denala Ndake Hall.

Special Thanks for the sklllful creative hands of Tunu Thom of @artistmommylife

Photo Credits: M W Payne, Fayette Pusey, and Troy Belle

Tropical Fete’s mas camp theme Going Green supports us in taking responsibility in protecting our environment by conserving and sustaining our natural resources for current and future generations. SunnEvents section is titled Cool Waters represented through our costume colors of turquoise blue and sea green. Water is one of the most valuable elements on earth that is needed by every living creature, man, woman, and child to exist on this earth. It can build or destroy. It keeps our roadways clean and prevents the outbreak of illnesses. It hydrates our bodies and supports our organs to work at an optimal level. It feeds and nurtures the earth, plants, fruits, vegetables, and animals which nourish us. May we responsibly practice ways to protect and sustain this valuable resource.
Come join us on the Parkway in acknowledgment and celebration of this resource, for fun and revelry.
— M. Denala Ndake Hall, Cool Waters Costume Designer on the inspiration behind the design